​Art Perspective into Central Asia's Post-Socialist Era

​​photography, video installation,digital MULTIMEDIA


​​Almagul Menlibayeva


Revival, Innovation, Contemporary Expression in Contemporary Felt in 90's.
The history of contemporary felt art in Kazakhstan reflects a unique blend of traditional nomadic culture, and modern artistic expressions. Here is an overview of the history of contemporary felt art in Kazakhstan.

In 1995 in Tashkent at Asia Art, I won a prize for pushing the boundaries of the medium, using it to create not only traditional items but also innovative and expressive artworks.. Felt is used to convey various themes, from cultural heritage and identity to contemporary social and political issues.
@Nigora Akhmedova was one of the organizer's of Biennale.

For me, the most important thing was to shear the wool from the sheep myself, I colored wool and from the very place where my mother's roots were, Aksu Ayuly. No one in the village was practicing anymore felt making.

Kazakh Film director Anuar Raibayev made a documentary film "Tekemet", 1996, 10 min, (Kazakhfilm) about my art practice of making felt paintings.
Asya Hasanova organized a creative studio, an unforgettable time, it was another of our fun adventures.
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