10 Years 100 Artists 100 Films,  Videoart at Midnight  Festival, cinema BABYLON, 
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, Big Cinema Hall

Premier of the filmGathered in Moscow, 2015-2018, 14 min by Almagul Menlibayeva

Patrick Lichty: Genius Loci: Kazakh Almagul Menlibayeva’s Visions Of Post-Soviet Asia, 

Harpers Bazaar Arabia

Uly Dala Hikayalary, group show, exhibition complex Аtameken, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan;

Re-membering. Dialogues of Memories, exhibition in Memories of Victim of Political Repression, curated by Aigerim Kapar, House of V. Kubrin, Nur Sutan, Kazakhstan;

current &  upcoming Events 

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Racing The Galaxy, curated by Jerome Sans and Dina Baitassova, Astana Art Show 2019, Palais of Independence, Pyramid, Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan;

     ULY DALA HIKAYALARY, Group show at Museum of Fine Art, Shymkent, Kazakhstan;

 Culture Summit 2019, Abu Dhabi, UAE

photography, video installation,digital art

contact: almagul2@gmail.com


Almagul  Menlibayeva


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